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Friday, 4 January 2019

Ola - GBEFUN #Anticipate

Through the course of life, we all have opportunities to take the credit for ourselves when we shouldn’t. In the spotlight of some success, it’s tempting to keep the applause focused on “me.” But when you think about it, we would have no success in our lives at all if God did not see fit to give us the opportunities to succeed, the brainpower, the education, the temperament and gifts to accomplish praiseworthy things. Even so, when people notice that we have something good going, an internal spiritual battle occurs: Do we keep the glory for ourselves, or do we turn the spotlight back to God where it belongs?

Paul had it right in Philippians 3:1-11 when he encouraged us to stop bragging about ourselves and to start rejoicing in the Lord. He put together an impressive list of his own accomplishments and then said they were like “dung” compared to the glorious reality of Christ in His life. Jeremiah said, “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight” (Jeremiah 9:23-24)

It’s not that we can’t enjoy our moment in the sun. Pleasure in good things is a gift that God has given us. It’s just that it’s important to give the credit for all we have and are to the appropriate person: God, the giver of all good things (1 Timothy 6:17

"GBEFUN" is a Yoruba Word that connote "GIVING ACCOLADE" and our accolades in this context is to GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO GOD. 

Expect the release of this New Song from Ola in the coming
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Thursday, 16 August 2018


Having the ability to distinguish a good man from a bad one when in love or lust can be very difficult. It's easy to miss a good man all because of the crave for a tall, dark and handsome guy. This is me talking to the laides. We'll focus on the men some other time...smiles..

While some cant recongnisze a good man whey they encounter one, they prefer a guy who can sweep them off thier feet with sweet words. Ive seen ladies abandon a purpose driven guy to chase after shadows, all because they judge his future from present happenings in his life... Oh, he dosent have a car'' He dosent know how to speak king's english.... mehn he earns a meagre salary'' yet they never consider if he has a vision and working to actualize it. They are so myopic to see into the future. They quickly jump out of a purposeful relationship for a without plan for the future, who i sthere for the monetary pleasure, who spends heavily on them and who is not what he claims to be.

Only to discover they've been deceived all this while. now they feel too ashamed to go back to the former relationship or feel regret because the man they thought couldnt amount to anything has risen far above thier imaginations.

On the flip side, Ive seen ladies  who despite the temptation still stick to thier relationship. They know that being with a man who is driven by purpose and vision i sfar better than a man who has all, yet without a vision. You can never go wrong with a man who has a vision and working hard in attaining it. I call these kind of laides, Ladies with the Eagle's eye''

This is to encourage someone thinking of quitting a purposeful relationship. Pause and have a rethink. Ask yourself this question ''what's my reason for choosing to leave'' Ensure you're sincere to yourself. Dont lose your gold for a day. Dont let mere words or frivolities freak you so well to throw you off balance or make you lose your senses.

Use your brain!

You can help him become that person you want to see him become.

Support and encourage his vision. Dont takes an action you might live to regret.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

New Song from Ola titled FLAUNT IT

Some boast in chariots and some in horses, but we will boast in the Name of the Lord, our God.
Therefore in Christ Jesus I have found reason to flaunt in things pertaining to Goodnews.

Click on the the video to watch this new song from Ola titled FLAUNT IT.

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

IRREPLACEABLE; - Maami by Ola ft OhunAyo

To my sweet mother,

I want to start by telling you how thankful I am for you. I will never be able to say it enough times; THANK YOU. Thank you for everything. I would not be who I am today without you. You fought for me, you cried for me, and you relentlessly loved me. I know I'm now with my husband and I can't be thankful enough especially on how you raised me.

Your hard work and your dedication to the family does not go un-noticed. I think about how different things would be if you weren't the forgiving, gracious, and hard-working mother that you are now.  You are the strongest woman I have ever met. You have sacrafied your life and your happiness to make sure the lives of your children were better. You are so full of the most pure form of love towards your children and it is the biggest blessing to be loved by you.

You loved me when my words and actions were completely unloveable; therefore, you taught me unconditional love. You hugged me and kissed me when I hurt you; and so, you taught me forgiveness. You believed in my unreachable dreams, you supported me, and you were always there for me. You taught me everything I know, from writing my name for the first time I learned to love myself. Thank you for always listening to my opinions and correcting me when I was wrong.

Mom, It was clear to me that no matter what was going on in your heart; your children were your number one priority. You supported me and pushed me to be the better person. You motivated me to study and to become a good student. You have always found a way to provide even if that meant personal sacrifices. You showed me that it's okay to be myself and that I am the most beautiful me that I'll ever be. You always made sure that I was safe.

You have become my most dear and trusted friend and I am so thankful for you. I hope to be half the woman that you are.  You are one classy woman and I hope that one day my daughters will look up to me like I look up to you. Thank you for constantly pushing yourself to be the best mother you can be.
I love you with my whole heart,

"IRREPLACEABLE" is a song I dedicate to my Mother Chief (Mrs)  Victoria Adegbuyi.
Also appreciation to my good friend Omotola Jaiyeola Ohun Ayo for his contribution toward this song. And Omo Tayo RockyTee Produced the song.


Thursday, 4 January 2018


Chorus -2x
Olorun wa,
Ayeraye mo gbe o ga o
Mimo mimo Atobiju
Eyin nikan l'ogo ola ye fun
Verse 1 - Ola
From the rising of the sun
Unto it's going down
Mi o r'eni to jo o
Ti mole fi o we
Ologo ara nla, t'oni gbogbo ogo
Ashiwere wipe, Olorun k'osi
N'oje ba won so, Nitori moti mo o
Olola Ni JESU mi, ewa re k'oja oye
Baba o ni bebe, sa ma t'oju mi lo
Olorun Baba Agba Oye.
Chorus -2x
Olorun wa,
Ayeraye mo gbe o ga o
Mimo mimo Atobiju
Eyin nikan l'ogo ola ye fun
Adeyinka o ya now
Verse 2 - Adeyinka Alaseyori
Iyin re o le dawo duro, lenu MI Oluwa
Iba re Akoda Aye, Aseda l'ode orun
Asaju Ogun la lo, Akehin Ogun l'oje
Paripari Ola, Alebe ilu a sasi
O da wa si,
O pa wa mo
Olore e e e
Iwonikan l'awa gbe ga
Iwonikan l'awa pe bo
From the beginning of our lives
Till this very moment
Eh Eh Eh, You've been faithful
Ever faithful God
Chorus -1x
Olorun wa,
Ayeraye mo gbe o ga o
Mimo mimo Atobiju
Eyin nikan l'ogo ola ye fun
Drums Interlude
Call: E ba n'kira, E ba n'kira, E ba n'kira fun
Response: E ba n'kira 3x
Olori Aye gbogbo - E ba n'kira fun
T'omu riri jade ninu airi - E ba n'kira fun
Orisun Ayomi l'oje - E ba n'kira fun
O ni ole ojo merin dide Baba - E ba n'kira fun
O mu omi jade lati inu apata - E ba  n'kira fun
O rin Lori omi, sibe ko ri - E ba n'kira fun
Ake to bo sinu omi, igi lofi gbe jade - E ba n'kira fun
JESU Olugbala o wo odi Jericho - E ba n'kira fun
Talaka wa Lo jeun pelu awon Oba  - E ba n'kira fun
Ari na Ari Lo wa di ohun igbagbe - E ba n'kira fun
Agan ojo pipe, won di Iya olomo - E ba n'kira fun
K'osi ohun to s'oro se fun Olorun Bami - E ba n'kira fun
E ba n'kira fun.
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Monday, 25 December 2017

Ola - GBA!

Ola releases new single with a strong salvation message titled GBA! 

Gba! (Receive!) is the one-word salvation message from Ola. Taking the Gospel to the streets cannot get simpler and catchier than this. No need for big grammars and long epistles of sermons that do not connect with the people. Gba! is the lingo. 

Though it might appear that Ola borrow a cue from a currently trending and banned song from Olamide titled "Wo", Ola has unbanned and sanctified it for Divine purposes. We have been commissioned the power and authority to preach the Gospel to the uttermost corners of the street, Gba! is the new "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!"

The Splendour Music first lady accompanies this audio release with the official music video directed Hotpixx, as she properly conveys the message that Jesus is the One we need to receive for us to have a fulfilled life and a guaranteed eternity with God.

Knowing who Ola is, with all the multiple nominations and awards this year, something tells me she isn't done for 2017 yet. While we anticipate what she might have in store, let's enjoy her Christmas gift. Gba!


Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Taleah 2017 Featuring Ola, Psalmos, OhunAyo, Susan Oladosu, Anny, Dorcas, Prince DML and Odunayo Aboderin. Check out the full album pictures via this link